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Commercial Communication Solutions

We serve Commercial organizations—like contractors, professional services firms, small businesses and large Fortune 500 companies—that have a critical need for customized communication with their customers where time is of the essence. The services include 24/7/365 live and customized automated solutions using a complete range of communication platforms: voice, emails, SMS texts, faxes and chats.

To fit your business’ communication needs and growth stage, Stericycle Communication Solutions offers a three-tiered communication services model: Telephone Answering Service, Automated Solutions and Call Center Services. You can choose the service tier that best fits your business—and make Stericycle Communication Solutions a true partner and extension of your business.

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Stericycle Commercial Solutions Fact Sheet

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Answering Service IconAnswering Services

Our live telephone answering services feature an array of highly customizable communication solutions developed to serve as a live voice for your business after hours, on weekends or as needed.

Benefits of Answering Services

Answering services are designed to,

  • Capture new business opportunities while significantly reducing the risk of competitor shopping due to a missed phone call
  • Provide on-demand customer support through compassionate customer service experts trained to meet the customer needs as a seamless extension of your business
  • Reduce staffing costs with 24/7 availability and customized of delivered messages, by phone, email, text, fax or through a web-based portal.
  • Bilingual services to help your business expand your market potential.



Answering Services Fact Sheet

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Virtual Receptionist IconVirtual Receptionist

An extension of your brand, this service includes live voice services that allow you to serve the needs of both prospects and current customers with equal professionalism—answering calls just as your team would but without additional overhead or staffing requirements.

Benefits of Virtual Receptionist Services

Schedule appointments and administer appointment reminders via live voice or automated delivery

Take and dispatch messages 24/7 based on your business protocols, letting you manage how and when you receive communication

Live call transfers to ensure you receive the calls you need to keep your business running throughout the day

Bilingual services to help your business expand your market potential

Virtual Receptionist Fact Sheet

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Call Center Service IconCall Center Services

These unique customized solutions include a 24/7 customer hotline, automated and live customer surveys and order entry services.

Benefits of Call Center Services

Capture customer product orders and other e-commerce transactions

Receive donations and fundraising commitments

Maximize each customer interaction through advanced scripting platform and database management capabilities

Bilingual services to help your business expand your market potential.

Call Center Services Fact Sheet

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