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“Appletree is very efficient, professional, and they always stay ahead of the industry with regards to technology and what they can offer their clients.”

Bill DelCampoOwnerWilliam DelCampo Mechanical Services

“I have been affiliated with this family of companies (Appletree) for 30 years and have always found them to have an extremely reliable service and the most technologically advanced equipment.”

John HelveyPresidentAdvanced Solar Film

“Having Appletree as our partner allows us to give immediate service to our guests and customers. Appletree’s ability to reach us 24/7 has given us the opportunity to have our office closed at certain times and still know that we are not going to miss one call and even more important giving our guests the comfort of knowing they are reaching a real person who is going to help them get through to Hawaii Vacation Rentals,”

Patty FreemanOwnerHawaii Vacation Rentals

“In order to achieve this high standard of service, I-CARE, Inc. has partnered with Appletree Answering Service since December of 2006. Appletree increases their ability to inform their staff expeditiously of important patient issues after work hours. “Appletree has been an asset to our company; allowing quick and informed responses to our patient’s needs on a 24 hour basis.”

Tony IveyDirector of OperationsI-CARE

To Appletree Staff,

I would like to thank the Dispatchers and Supervisors. I appreciate all of you. I could not have organized my ride a longs and spot checks with my staff over the past two weeks without your help. I know you often hear complaints, but seldom are complimented on a job well done. Well, now I am.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you for all your help. You guys rock!

Portia Summers, L.V.N.Director of Field OperationsCalifornia Forensic Phlebotomy

“Appletree has provided a great return on investment. I am able to concentrate on all other aspects of the business, because Appletree takes care of our telephone orders. I am very satisfied with the service.”


“Appletree is an ideal vendor. They’re the most customer-oriented company I’ve worked with. Anything we ask, they do. From providing timely responses to customizing how our departments are billed, Appletree has shown that our needs matter to them.”

“The Appletree service is an essential part of our business operation. Appletree allows us to be flexible and responsive for our clients, who have mentioned on many occasions the professionalism with which they are treated by the Appletree representatives.”

George GriffithMOLLY MAID of Chelmsford

“I was familiar with Appletree from a previous job. So, when Harmony Care Hospice was ready for an answering service I recommended Appletree. They’re always reliable in processing the calls and solving any problems that may arise.”

Patricia ParnellDirector of Patient ServicesHarmony Care Hospice

“We have been with Appletree for over twelve years and couldn’t be happier. We have confidence in their ability to get emergency calls to us rapidly and accurately. Our customers depend on us to be there when they need us, and thanks to Appletree, we have always been able to respond. They know our business so well that when we list a new phone number for an on call employee, they call to confirm. They are the best.”

In a diverse business market, impression management is key to developing a successful company. Grand Foods owes a great deal of success to Appletree Answering Service. Its contribution through prompt service, professional courtesy, and adapting to our eclectic customer base is immensely valuable.”

Thanks again Appletree we could not have done it without you.”

Kevin KrooksDirector of MarketingGrand Foods