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“The Appletree service has been a tremendous help to our business. We have landed several new accounts on the weekends -a time when our incoming calls were previously going to voicemail!”

Greg MakoskyMoney Mailer

“As an outsource supplier for SENOS PR, Appletree has excelled in reliable service, meeting the goals set forth in our company’s business plan, and exceeded the result for the growth of our women’s radiology practice. The numbers speak for themselves. They have been able to successfully manage the 24 hour, 7 days a week appointment scheduling program. We are truly pleased with the support given by Appletree and the professionalism of their staff.”

David SolerOperations DirectorSENOS PR

Fones4All provides affordable phone service to low income households.

“Fones4All stroked a partnership agreement with Appletree Answering Service back in June of 2004 to handle our weekend and overflow call volume. From day one, Appletree has proven to be a professional, efficient and reliable call center. They not only take the time to understand the magnitude of your project, but they also take pride and ownership in managing the project. Their experience not only allows them to ask the right questions, but they are proactive in their approach to obtain information and ensure that their solution is accurate and precise. This has translated into a better close ratio for our company. Additionally, Appletree submits reports on a timely basis, so information can be analyzed and changes made to best fit our market’s dynamics. Fones4All is very pleased to have a partner in Appletree.”


“After having many problems with our previous service we switched to Appletree several years ago, and have been happy ever since. Their staff members are professional and courteous to our patients and are very capable in directing our calls.”

GingerMedical Office

“On behalf of the City of Wilmington and, particularly, my Office Of Cultural Affairs, I would like to thank Appletree for three years of fine service.

The success of Theature N at Nemours, the DuPont Clifford Brown Jazz Festival, the Riverfront Blues Festival and First Night Wilmington can be attributed in part to the role your staff played in taking orders for our patrons over the phone.

I would also like to mention that your staff has, at all times, been courteous, friendly and helpful to the people that call. Most people that call do not realize that they are speaking to an answering service, so the level of professionalism of your staff reflects well on the City of Wilmington.”

James M. BakerMayorWilmington, DE

“We are in the business of commercial and residential property management. After using different answering services Appletree Answering Service has proven to be the best in their industry. The operators are always courteous and knowledgeable (even at 4:00 AM) and go above and beyond to get as much accurate information from the caller as possible. I would recommend their services to any business that strives for excellent customer service.”

Stacy YoungProperty Manager

“I would like to take a minute and offer a great big THANK YOU to you and your staff during the recent ice storm. We lost our phone service for 4 days!! Your staff performed in spades for us, especially Zach! We were on a first name basis because I talked to him so often. Please pass along our thanks to everyone.”

Jim GillespieBranch ManagerCanteen Service Company

“I just love what you are doing, your Answering Service staff is great. I would like very much to give your office a Pizza Lunch. I have no idea of where to have pizza delivered to your staff in Florida. Personally, I love thin crust; Pizza Hut works for me, unless staff goes for another brand. That’s it then, and I reserve the right to repeat this every two weeks, as may be needed. Your staff is Awesome, and I hope most of your clients reward you for your hard work, as I shall, since there is more to picking up a phone call, than just taking a call.”

“I love the unseen support staff – my Apple Tree Answering Service – who man the Front Lines, in my service to others. They are the backbone of this industry!”

“AppleTree Answers is Great!!!”

JimExamination Station

“Most hospitals offer an “answering service” to doctors, which the hospital uses for a small fee. This service is merely in the event that someone is trying to reach the doctor for an emergency situation or if another doctor is trying to reach them. Basically they will take the call then page the doctor.

The value that your service brings to a practice is so much more: Around the clock patient appointment scheduling and complete patient customer service for all issues, the ability to fill a doctor’s schedule with new clients and a direct line of communication to the doctor (via email and/or phone) for all medical issues. Furthermore, this service allows a medical practice to expand the custom base and customer service department without paying a dedicated person to sit there 24/7 to accept all these calls. From a business standpoint, this translates into better customer service without having to add the business expense of salary, health care coverage, workman’s comp coverage, sick days, etc. Out of necessity, many doctors have to add multiple locations to increase the pull of patients in order to generate the same amount of revenue that they did years ago with just one office. Keeping overhead low has become the name of the game. Overstaff and you’re back to square one.

I think you guys are selling yourself short by marketing yourselves as an “answering service”. I’ve also received very positive feedback from the patients who have reached the your call center. I refer to you more with my clients as my off-site receptionists.”

Dr. MartinkoGreat Lakes Podiatry

“Thank you Appletree! We realized over $4,000 in profit using your service, as opposed to a loss in previous months. Our return on investment has settled where it should be and we thank you!”