Wilmington Call Center

Nationwide Coverage, Local Presence

Appletree’s headquarters, Wilmington, Delaware is strategically located on the East coast near several large cities (Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington DC). This ideal location has allowed the Appletree call center site to grow significantly and garner the best talent in the area. The Wilmington, Delaware answering service office is right off the Interstate and in the business district of North Wilmington. The office space was built specifically to focus on the live call center agents, as the call center itself is located in the center of the office, surrounded with windows and sunlight. With top of the line technology, this call center provides 24/7 live inbound and outbound calls, emails, faxes and chats.

Appletree’s Wilmington site is a high touch, high quality extension of your business. With exemplary customer support capabilities, our professional call center agents have the ability to act as your company’s customer service department. Performing all customer support functions, our call center agents are highly trained on your specific account and have a goal of first call resolution. Appletree’s answering services can provide this customer service support in a full time, overflow, or afterhours capacity.

Appletree Wilmington serves a wide range of industries and businesses. Appletree agents follow a script tailored to your particular company’s needs. No matter what industry you’re in, your business can be assured that Appletree’s smart and well-trained call center agents will speak with all callers and clients in a helpful and professional manner that represents you.

Wilmington’s site supports call center services that can be customized to meet any business need. Available 24 hours a day, Appletree’s live call center agents can help your customers order products, make donations, schedule appointments, get important information about your products and services, and much more. Our advanced scripting platform and database management capabilities will provide your business with the tools it needs to be successful.

Appletree Answering Service provides an integrated communications center that enhances business interaction through trusted, easy and personalized messaging solutions. Imagine the competitive edge your business will have when you have Appletree’s answering service and call center supporting your customers 24 hours a day.