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Retail & E-commerce Services

The internet provides retail and e-commerce business with an ever-expanding customer base and business growth opportunity. But with an expanding business, and a service provided around the clock, support bandwidth becomes a concern.

Stericycle Communication Solutions’ retail answering services and retail call center services can:

  • Provide your customers with live representatives to answer questions
  • Help process orders or view records like shipment tracking and order history to guide callers
  • Support the sales process and verify membership status and benefits
  • Assist your customer through live web chat with a Customer Experience Expert

Take the first step to improve customer support, and capturing more revenue

In consumer-driven markets, availability, price and service drive purchasing decisions. Stericycle Communication Solutions can be your strategic partner in customer support 24/7, delivering exceptional experiences through every customer interaction. Let Stericycle manage your customer communication needs, whether answering the phone lines consistently representing your brand with the highest standards, acting as a virtual receptionist dedicated to supporting the sales process and addressing questions or concerns via phone or web chat, or capturing revenue through ecommerce transactions and delivering outstanding service if processing returns.

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