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Other Industries Served

Pest Control

Bugs, birds and rodents all play critical roles in the environment. But when these critters enter our homes, they can become real threats to our health and our property. The work performed by professional pest controllers is vital to the protection of public health, food and property.

With all these issues on your mind, Stericycle Communication Solutions simplifies your business by handling customer calls, message delivery, appointment scheduling, and technician dispatch with our answering services. Our pest control answering service agents are trained and experienced in providing call and customer support to pest control businesses, so callers will never know they aren’t speaking to your own receptionist or dispatcher. Our call center agents understand your needs and can even prioritize your calls, giving precedence to commercial calls requiring immediate solutions. A well-equipped telephone answering service can make a positive difference when it comes to the efficiency and customer service of your pest control business.


Stericycle Communication Solutions’ Limousine answering service and call center offers services such as reservations, giving quotes to your customers, flight tracking and chauffeur updating, wake-up calls, en-route verification, and emergency response. Our reservation specialists can schedule, cancel, and confirm appointments for your customers. With expertise in inbound and outbound calling, Stericycle Communication Solutions can provide you with any additional calling or email services your company needs. Our call center agents will quickly dispatch all emergency calls, so that your drivers don’t skip a beat.

Stericycle Communication Solutions’ Virtual Receptionist will allow your company to save money and allow your customers to feel as though their needs are always getting met. Don’t worry about staffing and paying a secretary, Stericycle Communication Solutions’ call center agents are available to answering calls and schedule appointments for your callers 24/7 (call screening, forwarding, live transferring). Providing you with a toll free forwarding number, you can utilize Stericycle Communication Solutions whenever you need us. Stericycle has message delivery via email, text, web, emergency dispatch, fax, or all of the above.


Stericycle Communication Solutions has been providing comprehensive telephone answering service and call center solutions to the Veterinary industry for over 20 years. Whether you are an individual Veterinary practice or a large practice facilitating multiple Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVMs), we can provide you with a specialized professional customer service solution. Stericycle Communication Solutions’ live Veterinary answering service can be utilized for call overflow, after hours, weekend, and holiday coverage, 24/7 call answering, appointment scheduling, and outbound appointment reminders. Your calls will be handled promptly, courteously by our experienced agents.

Government Services

Stericycle Communication Solutions has an extensive track record working with Government Entities. This Government based work has been established and grown through direct contract, referral basis and the RFP process. Many of the call center solutions we provide consist of a full outsourced/on shore solution for entire Government departments, as well as back office functions such as Supply Chain management, Vendor/Supplier management, Accounts Payable and asset tracking. In addition, Stericycle Communication Solutions provide call center solutions to Government Housing authorities for maintenance emergencies. These solutions include support for:

  • Utilities (water, electric, etc.)
  • Traffic signals and road signs
  • IT and Infrastructure
  • Road Infrastructure (snow plowing)
  • Building Management/Courthouses
  • Medical Answering Services

Funeral Home

The funeral services industry is one that requires the highest respect, compassion and urgency. Funeral home directors can expect the same from Stericycle Communication Solutions’ funeral home answering service. Our professional and courteous call center agents have been specially trained to speak with people in the time of mourning following a loved one’s passing. The grief, emotional stress and vulnerability of your clients are treated with sensitivity and empathy at our 24/7 funeral home answering service. Whether answering questions about advanced arrangements or responding to promptly needed products and services, our funeral home answering services provide compassionate and understanding customer care.

Because Stericycle Communication Solutions’ funeral home answering service uses the latest communications technology, we ensure that your business and staff will benefit from the most efficient and immediate message delivery service available. Our call center agents will provide your clients a seamless integration into your company’s services and callers will never know that our agents aren’t sitting feet away from you in your office.

Disaster Restoration

When the unexpected happens, disaster restoration services hope to be the first enlisted to clean up the mess. Be confident that potential customers will receive a professional and understanding first impression of your business from the call center agents at Stericycle Communication Solutions. Our agents can provide 24/7 or after-hours coverage for your disaster restoration company’s calls.

Stericycle Communication Solutions know that it’s easy to drop to the bottom of an insurance adjuster’s list if incoming calls aren’t handled quickly and efficiently. Handling calls from insurance adjusters looking for the first available approved contractor, as well as calls from home owners looking to remedy water, smoke or fire damage, our call center agents respect and serve the needs of your callers in a way that represents your commitment to quality and customer service.

Natural disasters like hurricanes, tropical storms, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes can strike at any time. Unforeseen emergencies like fire or burst pipes don’t always occur during business hours. In order to stay competitive in the disaster restoration industry, you need call center services that understand the demands of your business and your clients. Stericycle’s disaster restoration telephone answering service is a round-the-clock solution for your inbound call center needs.

Utility Provider

Emergencies happen, anytime, anywhere.  But doesn’t it seem that they usually pop up after the sun goes down?  With our award winning call center agents available 24/7, we can provide service to your customer when ever the need arises.  Whether you provide electricity, gas, sewer or water, Stericycle Communication Solutions can screen your calls, dispatch emergency calls, gather information from potential callers and most importantly answer your calls 24/7.  Stericycle Communication Solutions has a clear grasp on the dependency your customers have on utility services.  There are two main call types within utility services; urgent and non-urgent calls.  With over 25 year’s answering service experience in our call centers, Stericycle has the knowledge and custom scripting to assist our customers in filtering those calls.  We understand the importance of accurate messaging, dispatching those messages to the appropriate on-call resource and escalation.  A few examples of those call types are:

Non-emergency calls:

  • Hours of operation
  • Billing inquiries
  • Holiday exceptions
  • Eco friendly precautions

Emergency calls:

  • Gas leaks
  • Pipes bursting
  • Toxic environmental risks